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Baba Sali Event


Program info:

  • Enjoy an evening of exquisite Moroccan cuisine and culture in memory & honor of the Baba Sali ZT’L.
  • 3-course Moroccan meal (full Seudah)
  • Featuring Yaniv Dahan & Orchestra
  • In efforts to honor the memory & legacy of the Baba Sali ZT’L in the most respectful way, it was determined by Morasha’s Rabbinic leadership that this event should be separate seating with a men’s & women’s section. In addition, although this may be Morasha’s first time arranging a Hilula this is not the first time a Hilula is taking place in Chicago. As we planned the Hilula, we made sure to maintain previous communal standards for such an event.

Sponsorship options and seating:

  • $3600 “Abuchatzeira” sponsorship:
    • (includes 10 reserved seats)
  • $1800 “Hilula” sponsorship:
    • (includes 8 reserved seats)
  • $750 “Chamsa” sponsorship:
    • (includes 6 reserved seats)
  • $360 “Baba” sponsorship”
    •  (includes 4 reserved seats)

Regular Tickets:

Seat:  $52 per person – open seating section (by Jan.18th)

           $65  (at the door, space not guaranteed)


Additional info:

  • All food prepared is Bet Yosef & Bishul Yisrael in accordance to Sephardic tradition

Unfortunately, registration for the Hilula of the Baba Sali is no longer open. Due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee a seat at the door. Please contact the office at [email protected] for questions and more info.