Connecting the past, present, and future of Sephardic Jewry!

Morasha presents a community-wide Pre – Rosh Hashanah event for ladies.

Sit down to an elegant Mediterranean dinner as you delve into the culinary world of Sephardic cuisine with Sina Mizrachi, along with a magical flavor of inspiration from Yaffa Palti.

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Program info:

Opening remarks by Rebbitzin Sarah Isaacs

Wednesday evening, Sept. 6th, at Ateres Ayala

Doors open at 7:00 pm

The program begins at 7:30 pm


  • Ticket $48 / Ticket + cookbook (not signed) $75
  • Door Tickets: (space not guaranteed) $70 / $100 1 ticket + cookbook (not signed)


Zafran package:

 $1000 (includes 4 VIP seats, 2 signed cookbooks, 1 spice gift)

Zaatar package:

$800 (includes 3 VIP seats, 2 signed cookbooks + 1 spice gift)

Sumac package:

$600 (includes 2 VIP seats, 1 signed cookbook + 1 spice gift)

Cumin package: $400 (includes 2 VIP seats, 1 signed cookbook, or 1 spice gift)

 Coriander Package:

$180 (includes 1 VIP seat + 1 signed cookbook or 1 spice gift)

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Unfortunately, registration for the Morasha Sina Mizrachi is no longer open. Due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee a seat at the door. Please contact the office at [email protected] for questions and more info.

Event Committee

Pessy Alvayor

Daniella Aryeh

Sara Babani

Shira Baruchim

Bayla Benaim

Bayla Benjamin

Batsheva Berliani

Yehudit Counne

Moria Dayan

Sara Dayan

Jenny Hagege

Moriel Hamui

Shira Gelb

Eugenie Kohanchi

Moria Kohanchi

Jenna McKenna

Alisa Miller

Renna Raccah

Tamar Shames

Tamara Soleymani

Dina Shiner